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The Dream Debut Story

Once Upon A Time

 Many years ago, In a land far far away (At the end of the A11) In the "Fine City"

of  Norwich, there was once a singer/songwriter who could not play an instrument

nor read or write a single note of music, but, who was lucky enough to meet a local

multi instrumentalist and studio owner who helped him get his ideas onto tape. 

Those songs became 3 albums by Gary Kennon & The Dream Debut.

Dreamland, Cornish Dreams, and Minack Dreams.


However The Dream Debut were for many years totally fictitious! In reality being

just John Bygrave owner of "Flying Pig Studio" an amazing musician who can

play almost any instrument brilliantly and who is a genuine legend amongst

Norfolk musicians and writers for his help and support!

Fast forward 30 years and out of the blue, Gary gets a message from some random

Italian woman asking him to sign her petition to get a Blue plaque put up in

Cirencester in memory of 70's rock drumming legend Cozy Powell. 

Gary is of course happy to do so and having by coincidence played Cozy Powell's

£40,000 gold plated drum kit at a charity event just weeks earlier, sent the

woman a photograph of himself with the kit thinking that as a fellow Cozy

Powell fan, she might be interested to know where the kit was now.

They sent a few messages back and forth, then started Skyping almost daily, a couple

of months later the lady (Rossella Amadori) flew over to the UK and it turned out that Rossella (a professional orchestra arranger and piano teacher) really liked Gary's

music, and a plot was hatched to make "The Dream Debut" a real band in their own right.


 A year later Rossella's vision & dream came true when a Blue plaque in memory of  

Cozy Powell, was unveiled outside The Corn Hall in the market place in Cirencester

by Brian May (Queen), Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath), Suzi Quatro, Neil Murray,

Bernie Marsden, Carl Palmer, Don Airey & many other well known musicians.

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